Bighouse Loch

Fishing Season 1st April to 5th October.

Grid Reference: 903 647

Elevation: 67m

Bag Limit: Catch and Release

Grid reference & Parking 10/903647.  Park opposite the right turn junction on the single track road leading down to Bighouse Lodge. Anglers should follow the electricity pylons eastwards on a short 10-15 minute gentle walk uphill which will bring them to the loch’s southerly shore. With plenty of small bays and points to use as cover, fish are often found tight under the bank intercepting wind-blown terrestrials all around this interestingly shaped loch. With banks shelving straight into 3-4 feet of water wading is not recommended! Although not a loch which yields large baskets, fish average over 1lb with the real chance of landing one over 2lb. Rising fish can be difficult to spot when even the slightest of breezes is on the water, faced with a flat-calm, anglers will witness fish cruising their territory while sipping insects caught in the surface film.


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Dawn - 6PM6PM - DuskAll Day