The majority of the lochs have a season that runs from the 1st April to the 5th October. However please take note of the lochs which have a season that runs from the 1st April to the 30th June. This is due to the stalking which takes place on the Estate and MUST be adhered to.

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As can be seen from the list of lochs there are varying season dates. This is due to the stalking which takes place on the Estates. Also, the RSPB lease stipulates that there are three clear days between angling days to minimise disturbance to nesting birds. All fishing must be pre-booked, members may make bookings through the website booking system or by contacting either Reuben Sweeting on 07920571026 or Paul Byrne on 07904483085 email


Enclosed in every membership pack is a vehicle permit. This is to be displayed at all times when fishing.


Members must be in possession of their membership card at all times, and must freely provide this for inspection at the request of any club member, estate keeper or water bailiff who have the right to inspect tackle and catch to ensure compliance with the club rules.


In order to monitor fish stocks and angling pressure it is essential and mandatory that members and visiting anglers complete a catch return for each angling visit. A number of these are included in your membership pack. All catch returns received will be numbered and entered into a raffle at the end of the year, whereupon the winner will receive a free membership for the following season.

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Members must park their vehicles in the places indicated and respect the needs of other users.


GS is a serious threat to wild salmon stocks in the UK (see separate sheet for further information). As such all members will be required to complete a GS declaration form prior to membership being granted.

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The club currently have boats on Lochs Slethill, Caise, Leir, Skyline, Caol Altnabreac, Achridigill, Garbh, Cross Lochs, Caorach and Na Seilge. Members can use these boats at an additional cost of £10 per day. As an incentive to encourage Junior participation these fees will not apply to any boat used while a Junior member is fishing. Members using a boat must wear a suitably fitted lifejacket or buoyancy aid as per club rules.