Loch Skyline

RSPB Lochs. Fishing season 1st April to 5th October. Three ‘clear rest days’ between angling days.

Grid Reference: 011 479

Elevation: 196m

Bag Limit: Catch and Release

Leave the A897 at Grid reference 903485 (Forsinain) follow the forestry track, a 4×4 or vehicle with high clearance is required to negotiate the bumpy track, to park at 011475. The loch is a short 150m walk in a NE direction. There is not a large head of fish in Skyline and anglers can expect more blank than productive days though fish caught are of outstanding quality up to 2lb in weight with the occasional larger specimen. Fish can be caught all over the loch but start fishing well back as fish can lie tight to the bank. Please note that the bank can be rather ‘soggy’ which some anglers could find difficult and may prefer to use the boat available.


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Dawn - 6PM6PM - DuskAll Day