Loch Leir

RSPB Lochs. Fishing season 1st April to 5th October. Three ‘clear rest days’ between angling days.

Grid Reference: 955 457
Elevation: 174m
Bag Limit: 6 Fish limit (9″ inch minimum)

Approach from Forsinain via forestry track leading towards Altnabreac. A 4×4 or vehicle with high clearance is required to negotiate the bumpy track. The parking in an area overlooking the loch leaves a simple 100m walk down to the water’s edge, making this one of the easiest lochs for anglers to visit. In recent years Leir has developed into a productive early and late season loch, unfortunately, the months in between have seen the water plagued with algae during which time fishing efforts have been better concentrated elsewhere. Best bank fishing is found along the south side into SE corner where wading is easy. Although large numbers of smaller fish can be caught in the NW corner where the loch narrows, the wading here, over big boulders, is as difficult as an angler will find anywhere – boat users should take extra care to avoid the number of large rocks found in this area. Average fish size has improved to 12oz with fish of 1lb not uncommon now. Leir fish are still, without question, some of the hardest fighting trout that can be encountered!


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Dawn - 6PM6PM - DuskAll Day